Before beginning my career as an artist, I traveled the world, documenting the lives of people I encountered in each place. Through my work, disseminated via my own media platforms and social networks, I explored the discomfort I felt with the notion that “language—our most familiar tool—can also be the greatest divide between you and me.” This exploration led me to create performance and video installation pieces aimed at bridging these divides, finding ways to transcend barriers and connect those who may seem irreconcilable.

In ‘Traveling Only With A Smartphone’ (2017), I traversed borders with nothing but a smartphone and a passport, breezily crossing from Japan to China, Japan to America, as if casually visiting a local café. In ‘Are you looking for something’ (2022), I challenged societal norms by responding to inquiries about my purpose with answers like “the meaning of life,” showcasing subtle resistance to the societal pressures to define oneself. With ‘Hot Sandwich Makers Club’ (2022), I recorded conversations with individuals I encountered, discussing experiences of discrimination faced as immigrants or the loss of homelands due to war. To directly engage with experiences that may not evoke immediate empathy, I designed custom hot sandwich makers capable of imprinting words, using them to serve hot sandwiches to third parties—a performance aimed at returning understanding through taste.

My creative process often involves travel to diverse locations, immerses me in unpredictable situations where I improvise and adapt on the spot. Through these spontaneous gestures, I explore the space between the conventional and the abstract, continually striving to understand and navigate the complexities of human existence.

19 February 2024


《スマホ1台旅》(2017年)では、スマートフォンとパスポートのみを持って日本から中国、日本からアメリカなど、国境を近所のカフェに行くかのように軽やかに横断するパフォーマンスを行いました。《Are you looking for something?》(2022年)では、入ったお店で「何かお探しですか?」と尋ねられるといたずらに「生きる意味」と答えたりするなど、肩書きや目的を規定しようとする社会への些細な抵抗を示すパフォーマンスを映像作品として発表。《ホットサンドメーカーズクラブ》(2022年)では、移民として受けた差別の経験や戦争によって失われた故郷の話など、出会った人々との会話を映像記録します。共感することができない経験を直接身体で受け止める方法として、言葉を刻印できる特注のホットサンドメーカーを製造し、第三者にホットサンドを振る舞う(還元する)パフォーマンスを行ってきました。