《スマホ1台旅》では、人為的に作られた国境を近所のカフェに行くかのように軽やかに横断し、《Are you looking for something?》では、自身の肩書きや目的を求める社会に対して些細な抵抗を映像作品として発表。最新のプロジェクト《ホットサンドメーカーズクラブ》では、ホットサンドメーカーを持ってヨーロッパ各地を周り、出会った「他者」をパンで挟み、彼ら/彼女らの経験を言葉で理解するのではなく、食べることで直接身体で受け止める包括的なアクションを行ってきました。


Before I became an artist, I worked as a blogger/YouTuber traveling around the world; reporting about and sharing the lifestyles of people I met in those places. At that time, I felt a sense of discomfort in dealing with words, which are the closest thing that separates you and me and have been creating performance and video installation works as a way of overcoming such boundaries or linguistic separations. In “Traveling Only With A Smartphone”, I crossed artificially-created borders as lightly as if I were going to a neighborhood café. In “Are you looking for something”, I presented a video artwork as subtle resistance to a society that demands declarations of titles and purposes.

In my latest project, “Hot Sandwich Makers Club”, I have been traveling around Europe with a hot sandwich maker. By sandwiching the others I encounter with bread in an inclusive action, I aim not to understand their experiences in words, but to take them directly into body through the act of eating.