Unbalanced Walk

Performance, single channel video, 2023-2024

I performed a 2km straight walk from his home to Place du Chatelet in Paris, balancing an umbrella on my fingertips. A small camera was attached to the tip of the umbrella, capturing own expression as my swayed unsteadily along, as well as the faces of the street dwellers and the many people who had gathered to call for Palestinian solidarity.

The weather in Ishikawa Prefecture, where I was born, is so changeable that there is a saying, “Don’t forget your umbrella even if you forget your lunch box,” and the prefecture has the most precipitation in Japan. This performance is a game and a special skill that I have always performed on my way to school since I was a child. Umbrellas also have the effect and meaning as a protest in demonstrations. Fresh in my memory would be the 2014 Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong. At that time, students resisted hypnotic bombs thrown by riot police by using umbrellas. The camera was unable to proceed beyond Chatelet Square because the area was blocked off by riot police who were stopping the large crowd of people who had gathered to call for Palestinian solidarity.

レベッカ・ソルニットは著書『Wanderlust: A History of Walking』の中で、「歩くことは心と身体と世界が一直線に並んだ状態であり、まるで3人の登場人物が最終的に一緒に会話しているかのようである」と書いたが、私がパリで歩き続けて感じたことはその逆だった。移民のアーティストとして新たな場所で生活していくことの葛藤。こちらに来て1ヶ月に起こったガザとイスラエルの戦争。パリオリンピック開催に向けて街から排除される路上生活者。自身の心の揺れと世界の揺れをリンクできるか、私は自宅からシャトレ広場までの直線2kmの道のりを、指先に傘を乗せてバランスをとりながら歩いて進むパフォーマンスを行った。